• Reviewed by: tjfoxworth  on: 2024/2/8 16:30:53
    Fo use msg in menu items?
  • Reviewed by: jennifer  on: 2024/2/7 22:45:07
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  • Reviewed by: annakennon  on: 2021/8/12 11:44:43
    Coupon not working.
  • Reviewed by: vbrewton  on: 2021/11/30 14:13:48
    Hi there! I'm reaching out with Grubhub. Wanted to see if you're interested in featuring your menu on the GH platform and receiving some orders from our diners in the area + also providing a delivery option. It's completely free to sign up/cancel + there are no monthly fees. Right now I'm offering commission-free trials to simply try the service out + low commission rates as well! Please let me know if you have 5 min to chat. If you use your own delivery drivers, we can do a "Self delivery" partnership for a very low commission of around 8% off subtotal of orders! please text or call me if interested 616-745-2916. Thanks!
  • Reviewed by: hello  on: 2021/10/20 18:51:24
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  • Reviewed by: rjlit  on: 2019/6/29 18:27:44
    2 HOURS after I ordered on line, the food arrived. I called after an hour and was told that it was the fault of ChineseMenu that it takes so long. It wasn't your website, it was theirs!?! I tried to cancel the order and the young man said it was already out to be delivered. Obviously it wasn't. He acted like it was my fault for ordering from YOUR website. When the delivery person finally showed up, he acted like he couldn't speak English and just kept saying "Sorry, Sorry" and laughing. We had already eaten a peanut butter sandwich because we didn't think the food was coming. We've been coming to Imperial City for over 15 years, but WE WILL NOT BE BACK! WE WILL NOT ORDER FROM YOU AGAIN. WHAT HAPPENED TO CUSTOMER SERVICE? How can you run a business like this if others are having similar experiences? I certainly will recommend others NOT to visit or order from you either!
  • Reviewed by: jeremy.lira  on: 2019/4/6 12:53:20
    You serve orange chicken but its not on this menu.
  • Reviewed by: trent2000000000  on: 2018/6/16 16:58:27
    Does imperial city sell ramen?
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